no. you cannot sit with us.

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I tried to find a picture of Mako and Korra like the first picture

Because dangit it’s foreshadowing.

hes just like “why is her neck so long…..”

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Anonymous asked: prompt drunk makorra


"I’m not even that drunk! Y-you’re drunker than..than a…give me a second.", she slurred. 

"Ok, you ponder that. Maybe this will help with the thinking.", he said as he handed her a glass filled with a red liquid.

"Ohhhhhhh nooooooo! I know EXACTLY what that is!", she yelled.

"Korra come on, you have to drink it.", he said as he gestured to the remedy. 

"OH really?! Who says s-so?!", she asked.

"The only sober person here. You made Bolin throw up in the sink and now he’s sleeping by the door. Now drink up.", he said. 

"On oneeeeee condition officer-r!", she said playfully. 

"Ugg. What is it?", he asked. 

"You plant one of me.", she slurred with a wink. "Come on of-ficer hottie pants. You know you want tooooooooo."

He shook his head. 

"Alright. C’mere."

"HA! Are you gonna have to frissssk me Ma-ko?", she popped the ko part really loudly. 

He wrapped one arm behind her back, and the other under her knees. 

"Ohhhhh! Are you gonna grab your handcuffs toooooo?!", she said before she burped. 

He knew he shouldn’t have stolen that whisky from the gala last week. He knew they would find it.

He laid her down on his bed and brought the sheets up to her stomach. 

"God this bed is soooooooo comfy. I bet it’s made out of fluffy unicornssss.", she slurred. 

"Goodnight Korra." he said with annoyance.

"WAIT!", she called. 


"Can I get a goodnight kissyyy?"

He pinched the bridge of his nose. 


He strolled back over to her, and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. 

"Thank you baby…hehe…"

"Good night Korra.", he said as he left the room. 

"I lurve youuuuu.", she said through a pillow.

Ok now he was laughing. 

"Lurve you too."

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Senna to Korra: “When your father and I found each other-“

Me:  Eeeeee she said the thing!!!

I love my adorable OTP!!!!!!!